All clients are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner.  Any client that does not behave appropriately will risk losing the ability to use the service.

Drivers are not medically trained.

Drivers are not responsible to lift or carry any clients.

The driver will not lift wheelchair clients down steps.  Wheelchair clients must have a free, clear and safe path from the door of their home to the door of the bus.

The driver may provide door to door service, from the door of your home to the door of the bus and then to the door of your destination.

Each client and driver is required to wear a seat belt.

The driver may provide assistance with groceries, but are not required or expected to transport several bags or any large items.

All clients may request an escort if they are needed for medical or physically challenging reasons and must be requested at the time of their transportation request.  Escorts are permitted and will ride free providing, they travel from the same origin and destination as the client.  All clients 16 and under are required to have an escort.  The CARS office reserves the right to approve or disapprove all clients.

See CARS Rules and Regulations for further guidance.